Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fiction, writing, Stephen King, and reviews

I was reading Stephen King's latest, Joyland, over the weekend at poolside. A perfect weekend to enjoy being under the brilliant sunlight reading one of my favorite authors. I was excited to get his latest, hoping not to be disappointed. So far, so good.

I took a peek at the back of the book titled, Author's Note. He usually gives a little synopsis about himself, maybe what inspired him or what the book meant to him. This time, he discussed "the Talk" which he discussed in his book. It's a made up language or maybe dialect as he saw fit for the book. What grabbed my attention was this, "Carny purists (I'm sure there are such) are even now preparing to write and inform me, with varying degrees of outrage, that much of what I called "the Talk" doesn't exist...Such purists would be correct, but they can save their letters and emails. Folks, that's why they call it fiction."

The reason I bring this up is because, as a writer, I can totally relate. I wanted to leap up and shout, "Yes! I get it! This is exactly how I feel!" I write fiction. The people, places and stories I write are completely fictional. I don't understand why people have a hard time understanding this. Too many people believe that because a writer takes a place, such as I did with the town of Crystal Lake, that it must be real. It's not, at least, not in my case. I made up a town, decided to call it Crystal Lake and created it. My next book, The Bartello, takes place in a town I grew up in, Mt. Prospect. It's nothing like the town of Mt. Prospect but that's because I made it up in my head. Sure, when I write there are things I have experienced that I want to explore or write about but just remember, I'm writing fiction, as mentioned by Stephen King.