Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adventures in writing horror stories

Dark scary adventures with a light at the end of the tunnel. How's that for a genre?

I have been asked by many people, what kind of story do I write? Generally, I tell them horror and I get this look. You know the look, the raised eye and the dropped jaw. It's that look from people who don't like scary stories or maybe the people who just don't like random killings. I don't blame them because I'm not a fan of killing off hundreds of mindless zombies walking around either. Then I tell people I write thriller novels but that's not quite right. I write dark stories of adventure in places people are familiar with. So, I eventually break down and tell them I write dark stories of adventure. They laugh and say, so, you write horror?

I don't write zombie novels. I know, it's the newest craze for some odd reason but I don't think they have much substance other than a thousand heads rolling. I don't write vampires falling in love stories, though maybe I should because I hear it makes a lot of money. I don't believe the dead can love if they don't have a heart and soul.

I write horror novels. I write adventure novels. I write stories that bring me on a dark journey with a light at the end of the tunnel. My books have become adventures and because they are scary at times or deal with some pretty scary people, they have also become horror novels.

The one comment that keeps coming back to me is this. I don't like horror novels but I really liked your book. It isn't the typical horror story. This comment always makes me laugh because it's true. My stories aren't the typical slash and burn type of horror story. My novels are an adventure into the dark side of a story that I am trying to convey with a lesson learned. If I can keep you up all night scared to turn the light off, that's good but what I really want is to have you thinking about what I write. I want my writing to have an affect on the reader that keeps them up all night because they can't get that image out of their mind. A lesson learned or maybe just wanting to read the story again, just like I did with my favorite stories.