Monday, April 15, 2013

The Adventures of Writing

It's time for a facelift.

Writing has taken me on several adventures. Each story has it's own unique characters and plots that have their own places in my heart.

The one thing I have struggled with during my writing has been the genre. I can still remember a long time ago when I once dreamed of writing, how I struggled with the type of genre my books would be. I was a fan of Stephen King at the time. I became a fanatic, buying his book as soon as it came out and I always looked forward to the next one. I loved the way he wrote and I still think he is one of the great ones. His writing has definitely affected my own but I asked myself, was I actually going to write horror novels? Some of my other favorite books were stories of adventure. Michael Crichton has some fabulous books, like Jurassic Park. The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien is a classic and one of my favorite books of all time. I read Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain so many times and I still find it as one of my favorites.

So I started thinking things over about my writing. My style isn't going to change, I have that down pretty well. It's the description of what it is that needs a facelift. Several comments from people who have read my first book, mentioned that my story was different from most horror novels that they read or it wasn't what they were expecting from a horror novel, in a good way of course!

So what are my stories about? All you need to do is look back at the ones that have affected me the most.

I love a real good story about adventure. I love stories that take me to places that are exciting. Some of it may be fantasy and some of it may be real but all of these stories are adventures. That's the type of story I want to write. That's the type of story I have written and the type of story I am writing right now. Adventure is something that takes us on a journey discovering new places and new ideas but it also takes us to a place to learn things about ourselves and hopefully learn to be better people. That's what I want to do and that's where my stories are taking me.

So, in the next few days, weeks, or maybe even months, I am going to be making a change on this website as well as a general idea of my books. Will it stick? Who knows but it's always an adventure and I am hoping you'll  come along on the ride with me.