Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Writing, keeping things together, and working hard

I've been busy lately putting an iron to the fire. Writing isn't easy when there are other things keeping me occupied. Between my work, family life and keeping up with odds and ends, it's been hectic trying to write my books as well. I feel like a juggler trying to balance five things at once. How do they do that?

The Bartello has been in the constant process of evolution. It's like just when I think it's perfect, another idea comes to mind. By the way, is anything ever perfect? I changed a few things about the way it was written, I believe you will like it.

As for juggling different things, how about writing three books at once? I feel real good about The Bartello. I mean seriously, I am ALMOST THERE! Since then, I started writing Wyoming and then this crazy idea came to mind. I started writing ANOTHER BOOK. Sure, laugh all you want but all three are really good. Don't all good things come in threes?