Thursday, December 20, 2012

Excerpt from The Bartello

As promised, I would like to present the first few pages of my new novel, The Bartello. It begins during the time of the great depression. Times were different then; the cars we drove, the clothes we wore, the way we danced, and the music that we listened to. I thought it was interesting with the timing of this book because we're still in a depression now. Years may pass but that karma wheel keeps turning. Fear is one constant that will never change—everybody has one.

I hope you enjoy this small teaser of The Bartello. If you have any questions or comments, please email me. I am looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.


Today was the end of the beginning for Franco Valencia. His life was all but perfect until this unfortunate event happened. He had everything to live for and nothing to gain. Never in his life had he a reason to fear anything. Love has a way of bringing every man to his knees. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
“I’m so scared."
“Don’t be afraid, I’m right here beside you," Franco reassured her.
Those words from Cecilia would resonate with him eternally and lead him on a path of torment and devastation. He would learn the true meaning of being scared and embrace the fear he felt inside. It would be the last time he would hold her in his arms. Eventually, all things wither away and die.
An hour earlier, Franco Valencia had lowered his martini to look over the crowd in the room. The smell of booze lingered but it didn’t seem to bother anyone. In fact, the patrons seemed to relish in the fact there was an over abundance of drinks for everyone. Waiters dressed in black suit coats served bottles of gin with a small white cloth draped over their arms. Beyond the steps leading down to the main floor of the room, people were dancing to the live band playing up on stage. Many of the men dressed in black tuxedos wore a top hat above their head. Franco was one of them and the tall hat seemed to fit his image perfectly with a small white flower pinned to his lapel. He leaned back against the bar watching the beautiful woman dancing in their sleek evening dresses that flared out to the hem.
Walking towards the bar was the most gorgeous woman in the room. The black dress she wore highlighted every single perfect curve of her body and her bosoms were gushing out the front. She walked with a swagger of a woman confidant of her beauty, swinging those sensual hips back and forth, as if hip checking every guy in the room. Slowly stepping up the stairs her eyes locked onto Franco’s and her ruby lips puckered up. Every man in the room was envious when she wrapped the feathered boa around Franco’s neck and tugged at his tuxedo.
Franco grabbed the woman tightly by her slim waist pulling her close and kissed her lips. He knew every man in the club was looking at him now but he deserved it. An older gentleman himself, he was equally as handsome with dark flowing hair and a tinge of gray on the sides. A well-dressed man and everything about him seemed to ooze with confidence.
“Why am I so lucky to have the wealthiest man in the room?” she asked, leaning her head into his side.
“You know why Cecilia. You’re the most beautiful woman in all of Chicago.” Franco stared into her crystal blue eyes.
The band was playing a version of ‘I Got Rhythm’ by George Gershwin and people were dancing on the lower floor in the room. The man on the piano seemed very happy, pounding on the ivory keyboard, the trumpet players blaring to the side. Woman were kicking their feet back and forth to the rhythm, tossing the pearls about their necks. Men laughed holding martinis that spilled and smoke filled the air. Everyone in the place seemed so alive, laughing and dancing to the music that was playing.
“Not everyone is so lucky. They say we’re in a depression, since the stock market crashed,” Cecilia told him.
Franco started to laugh and held out his martini glass for another while a waiter poured it, “Don’t you worry about a thing, that stock market thing is a fluke and it’s going to blow over real soon, you’ll see.”
“I hope so.” Cecilia tipped her glass to his.
“To us. He smiled and downed the next martini.
“To us.” Her sultry eyes were locked on his while she sipped her martini.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Bartello

The Bartello is completely finished. I am very satisfied with the way it turned out. I am in the process of finding an agent and hopefully getting the novel published. Until then, I decided to post some excerpts from the novel and tell you a little about the story. Hopefully, I can wet your appetite.

The story is about an old movie theater. I was originally inspired by an old theater I saw in upper Minnesota that was either being torn down or remodeled; I don't really remember which. I imagined a monster living inside and some kids exploring it. This was the image I had about fifteen years ago. When I actually sat down to write the story, it started becoming something else.

There is a monster that lives in the movie theater. That part didn't change. What did change was the story itself. I started going back in time to places when I was a kid. The picture on this post was an old movie theater close to where I grew up. That's exactly how I remember movie theaters and that's the way the theater is in The Bartello. They don't make places like that anymore. I also remember fear when I was a kid. I was afraid of the boogeyman but when I grew up, things changed and the boogeyman thankfully disappeared. Now that I am older, I no longer fear the boogeyman but I am afraid of other things; isn't everyone? I am not going to give you a full blown synopsis here—I'll leave the story telling to my novels. Here is a very brief look into The Bartello.

After hitting the winning home run off the neighborhood bully, CHRIS MARTIN learns there are consequences in life. Kissed by a pretty girl on the team, his life has never been the same. The local bully wants to beat him up. His friends are tormented by the bully’s gang and look to him for help. If that wasn’t enough, a monster lurks in their town killing people who visit the local movie theater and Chris is the only witness. The Bartello is a different type of horror novel. It will transport the reader to another place and time when love conquered everything. Chris Martin begins a surreal journey battling forces of evil to vanquish the fears that have tormented his friends and himself. Searching for an answer to an age-old question if love lasts forever; he will be tested by his friends, lovers, and enemies.

Next time, I'll post the first page of the story.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gone girl

So I'm reading the latest best seller last night and I blinked. Gone Girl is a wonderful book written by Gillian Flynn. I wasn't quite sure in the beginning but the book has turned out to be quite humorous; I like it so far. It has a very dark sense of humor, which I can relate to.

What caught me off guard was page 286: "He pulls out a net, a box of Nine Lives, and a stained plastic bucket."

I was like, "Hey! That's me! Is anyone reading this? Is anyone getting the connection?"

Since then, I have finished the book and really did enjoy it. I am not going to give out the review here, that's not the purpose of my blog, but I just had to note page 286. Hopefully, it's a good omen!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Writing time

Today I found myself writing one additional paragraph in my novel, The Bartello. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud to say it took me the entire day to get it right; and I'm not sure it's perfect yet so I'll sleep on it tonight.

That brings me to the question I have been asked most often. How long does it take me to write a novel? I know my answer has been about three to four months but that's not entirely true. There are several elements to a novel, one of them being the actual writing.

To begin with, the story has to come from somewhere. That can be a dream of mine or maybe something real happened. Nine Lives was a perfect example of something that happened to me and an idea came to me but I didn't actually write that story until maybe fifteen years later. I made a layout of the story which maybe took another couple months before the actual writing actually began. Once I started writing the actual story, it flowed from me very quickly; three months to be more specific.

I posted on my blog before about how long it took after I finished the novel to "really" finish the novel. The editing process alone has taken between three to six months to complete.

Writing is a funny thing. I can sit down and write for hours on end and forget what time it is or I can be totally frustrated writing one paragraph, as I did tonight, trying to make it absolutely perfect.

Tonight I wrote one paragraph and I'm proud of it. I was frustrated with the beginning of my new novel, The Bartello because I felt the first paragraph just wasn't enticing enough for the reader. I felt it needed something better for a novel that is truly amazing. Yes, I just patted myself on the back and it felt good.

Last night I dreamed of rewriting my first paragraph, in my book, The Bartello. I woke up early this morning and started writing down ideas immediately. I keep a notepad at my bedside in case things like this come to my head, which they often do. I went to work, playing around with different ways to write it but the opening sentence came to me immediately. After that, it was just getting everything else to work together, kind of like a symphony. By the end of the evening, I was extremely happy with my work and realized, this was exactly what I was missing.

The point I wanted to make is this: Writing is fun but it takes time to make it right. Sometimes things may just flow and pages upon pages can be written but it's the most beautiful of all writing that can take days or weeks to accomplish. I believe I have accomplished that. Hopefully, you will be able to read what I painstakingly wrote in my book, The Bartello.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Great review for Nine Lives!

I love this most recent review by Sherry and her blog fundinmental. She was very thorough and honest with her review but what I liked most was that it is apparent she got it! Sherry, you are the first reviewer to actually state what the book was fundamentally about, that pun is absolutely intended.

She went into quite some detail, framing out the story. Starting out the story with my main character Michael Morino and his wife Jenny. I couldn't help but laugh with her humor explaining very briefly how he met her, drunk and she turned up pregnant. Okay, I suppose that synopsis wasn't EXACTLY what happened but it shows Sherry's style, her humor and that she was enjoying herself. I am happy she was because I was too while reading her review.

Sherry did a great job in detailing the story. She went on to copy a few writings from Nine Lives which I really did enjoy. One of them I copied myself from the movie, Indiana Jones, “Snakes! I hate snakes.” I am sure I mentioned that in the book. I was having fun with my writing as any writer should. I love to listen to people who read my book and find out what parts they loved the best. Sherry quoted one line I forgot about but this one really made me laugh seeing it on her blog.

“Look, why would I take a cat from the zoo and release him into the Wagon, only to kill the damn thing in a blender? Sounds like a book to me.” Made me laugh, even through the gruesomeness.

The visuals she provided on her blog were outstanding! I loved the 66 Cobra Mustang but the creepy black cat was perfect. Another great picture was the fortune teller sitting behind the crystal ball peering into it and holding both hands around it. Yes, that was exactly how I imagined Zara in my story.

Thank you Sherry for the wonderful review. You have a great blog and I look forward to sending you my next book for a review.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wow! What a great review for Nine Lives

You need to check out this blog! I wish I had time to write here tonight but I need to head out. I'll give my thoughts later but I wanted to give you a link to a fabulous person and her blog.

To start with, she is obviously a fan of the 66 Shelby GT because I found this beautiful picture on her website. Wow! Where did you find such an excellent image? I love the paint color. Fabulous!

Tomorrow I'll post some of my thoughts but until then, check out Sherry's blog!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reviews and other stories of Nine Lives

Today was very funny. While writing my third book, I decided to take a break and check out my book online. It's what us new authors do, hoping to make the New York Times or something incredible. Ah, but the book is still only making way, out of the dust pile of a million other books. Someday . . .

What did make me laugh, was a review of the book today. The first thing mentioned was that the book smelled like oatmeal. Oatmeal! She was kind enough to add that it was oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon but oatmeal? So I took a copy, that I just happened to have beside me and held it to my nose. Sure enough, the book had a slight scent of oatmeal if I imagined it. I don't eat oatmeal normally but if I did, it would be with a dash of cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and brown sugar.

I thought her review was very good, although the three stars out of five were not the greatest. At least she was honest and mentioned enjoying the book, comparing me to the great Stephen King. I have noticed quite a few comments about my style being similar to Stephen King. I suppose it's because he is my favorite writer and it's been reflected in my own writing style. I don't think I actually sat down and tried to write like him. It just kind of flowed out of me. Anyways, I was happy to be able to surprise her by giving her my own little twists.

Check out Angie Lisle's review and this wonderful after thought. Prunes?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Places in my stories

I find it interesting to note that nobody has asked me about the places in my stories. The first book took place in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Now, I live not far from there but the actual town in my book was very different from the actual. I wanted a small town. A place mixed with new and old. Somewhere that still had a small town feeling to it yet was being overtaken by the large corporate jungle that is taking over America. The story was not actually based in Crystal Lake, though I would like people to believe it was. It was actually a place made up in my head. I mixed a few places I know together, making up the town of Crystal Lake as it appears in my book. This is fiction people.

So why do I bring this up? Well, I noted a review from someone mentioning they used to live near Crystal Lake and it was nothing like the place they knew. Hopefully, it wasn't. You see, that's the great thing about writing a book. I can make it whatever I want it to be.

I loved writing my own little Crystal Lake. It had so many places put together in one little town. The house above was one example. It was similar to the type of home I wanted in Crystal Lake. I imagined a large home on a lake, like the one in this picture of a home on Lake Michigan, near Chicago. It was an old, refurbished home.

I can't wait until people familiar with the town of Mount Prospect, read my next book. The Bartello is based in the small town I grew up in. I guess it isn't so small anymore but that's how I remember it. I don't believe the town has any caves but, needless to say, it does in my book.

I hope you all enjoy reading my book and remember, its fiction. (next up, more sightings of cats after reading my book . . . and yes, I am serious).

One last note. I do plan on making return trips to the small town of Crystal Lake. After writing, Nine Lives, I came up with some great ideas for some related stories. Just remember, its the one I made.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back home!

Back from the mountains. Back from retreat. I should make a little sad face here because it was really relaxing! The good news is, I am back to my writing. Another great novel is in the process, though I am going about things very differently this time. Although the novel is finished . . . ha ha ha . . . it still has a long way to go.

In the meantime, I am in the process of another fantastic book appropriately called, Wyoming. I love the image of the snow-capped Teton mountains with the sun setting in the background. It's a perfect image for my third book.

Wyoming is a fantastic place to visit. I always find myself laughing when people ask me, 'what do you do out in Wyoming?'

Wyoming is filled with some of the most magnificent mountains in the world. The landscape changes from desolate lands of sage brush and cactus to raging rivers of the Snake. Yes, real cowboys can been seen herding the cattle but there is also some of the best restaurants in the world here. Yea, I'm serious. The Snake River Grill is an awesome place and Rendezvous Bistro is one of my favorite places.

So, Wyoming is in the works. I am not going to tell much since the second book hasn't come out yet. Well, maybe just a hint. I always thought the mountains of Wyoming looked heavenly. Looking at the picture here, I hope you would agree.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview for Nine Lives

An in depth interview was posted the other day on:

My Book Addiction and More

Check out this latest update of my writing and what's coming in the future. Tag it, like it but most important tell a friend!

The reviews are coming in for Nine Lives but don't let that stop you from writing one yourself. If you like the book, let us all know about it, including myself. One of the best parts of writing a book is listening to the readers about their own thoughts.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review of Nine Lives

Nine Lives has received 4.5 stars out of 5!


Check out the link to this great website. I would like to thank them for their review which I noticed was posted on as well. Don't forget to send your comments and reviews as well. I want to know what everyone thinks. It really is a part of what makes me love to write.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scary cat stories!

I've heard from quite a few readers about some very scary cat stories. Does anyone have some stories they would like to share? One woman mentioned a black cat in her garage, hissing at her after she read my book. Another told me of a cat scratching at her window. There have been others who have some pretty creepy stories but I am wondering if anyone would like to comment of their own experiences on here?

The picture on the right is a caracal cat. He was one of the kings of terror in my novel, Nine Lives. Don't forget to check it out, if you haven't already. I would love to hear of everyone's thoughts and if anyone else is experiencing the same weird coincidences.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review of Nine Lives

Finally! Reviews are coming in. My publicist laughed at me today and told me, you need to be patient George. Your a writer and things take time. Well, this is true but I want it yesterday. Sure it took me over a year to get the book published but come on people, read the book.

Well, here's one and I'll give you another by this weekend. There are more in the works but as my publicist Lexie says, these things take time.

My Book Obsession by Mersadies

Check out her blog. She did a wonderful job with her site.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kindle version

Hey, its been awhile since I last posted. Sorry about that! I have been out of town amongst other things including editing my next book.

Nine Lives is now available finally as a kindle version. You can find it on

Thursday I am going to be a guest on My Book Obsession blog. Thank you Mersadies!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another horror novel by George Moser

Finishing up my next book! This is my second book now and I am going through the same thing as the first one. Everything is in place but for some reason, it gets so darn hard to finish those last words. Maybe its because it means the end of another chapter. I really have fun writing these, the characters become a part of me.

So basically I am finished with the second book. I know exactly how it ends and the book looks terrific! However, I now know this is only the beginning. Once I finally complete it, the book has to go through editing. Makes me want to scream. I also learned that it's good to just let the book cook for awhile. Let it sit, go back to it and find things I couldn't before. Anyways, keep in touch and let me know what you think of my first book Nine Lives. I am really interested in everyone's comments.



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help me find Waldo

Where in the world is Waldo? That's what I am asking you. Help me find the Waldo's in my book.

Editing a novel is very time consuming. Especially when I am trying to write another book amongst other important things like my family. I admit, my novel needed editing and I think the editors did a great job of presenting a wonderful book I really think you're going to enjoy. I had quite a few grammatical errors but many of them were simple commas missing here and there. So, during the editing process my eyes starting going bug-eye. I went over every single one but it took a very long time. Then there was more editing. Yes, it was polished up with another round of editing.

So heres the problem. During the editing process, some of the sentences were changed slightly. It's my mistake for not noticing them but now there are some small errors in the book. Things like "He it got..." when it should have read "He got it..."

So what do I need you to do? Well, it would help if you read my book first. Ha ha ha. Okay, easy, go to or Barnes and Nobel and buy the book. Have it? Great! Now start reading. If you find any mistakes? Send me a note that says something like this, "Hey George? I found a Waldo!" then tell me where it is and I'll send you a nice little thank you. Sound good? Great!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nine Lives on

Back from my short hiatus. Wish it was longer, the weather is awesome! I haven't been able to update as much since the book was first published on I am now understanding what an author has to go through after a book is published. It's hard to find the time to write a book, continue working and sell the current one all at once and spend time with the family.

Nine Lives is going well so far. I really have no idea how well sales are going but I have been hearing good things about the book. It's up there in the rankings on Amazon, which is nice to see. I'll be posting again soon, need to head off to bed soon. Until then,

Always George

Monday, March 12, 2012


I just want to scream. So just when everything is going right, I look over the book and I notice a mistake! I want to scream. Okay, it's not the end of the world but during the editing, the editor changed around something I wrote. The way I wrote it was actually okay but I went along with it. The problem is, after the change, the words were flipped. Instead of saying "he got it " it says "he it got." I want to scream! Hopefully no one notices. Darn, I already gave it away. Is this like one of those bloopers you see at the end of a movie?

So what do you think? Do I pay for the change or leave it?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nine Lives E-book

Nine Lives is at the bookstores now and doing well. Thank you everyone but there's a long road ahead still. The E-book still isn't available, I wish it was but I have been pushing the publisher. I have no idea why it isn't loaded up yet but when it is, it will be available for $3.99, what a deal! Anyways, I have been receiving great comments on the book so far. If you could, place a review on I would really appreciate it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's alive! Nine Lives is live

It's official, Nine Lives is available now on I put a link on my website under Purchase. If you click the tab, it will send you directly to so you can purchase the book.

Here's a link to Amazon. The E book is not available yet, I guess it takes a couple of days to load but hopefully soon. So what are you waiting for? Click the link!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Writing my novel Nine Lives

The very first chapter of Nine Lives was a woman running through the woods. That was the first time I actually sat down and started writing a novel. I liked it but it wasn't where I wanted to go. So I started writing more about the history of the cat. It still wasn't where I wanted to go. Don't laugh.

So I sat down and started to write and the book started to take shape. It became alive, it went where it wanted to go, not where I wanted to go. I started to laugh. Okay, now you can laugh.

When I finished with the book I liked it but looking back it was still missing something. I read it over and over trying to edit the thing myself. I wanted the book perfect but it was missing something. I actually changed the way the book was laid out and guess what? It turned into a page turning thriller! I'm not kidding. I moved whole chapters and deleted some and even still I was still missing something.

The first chapter of my book was the last one that I wrote. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that but I found that very interesting. I wanted my book to have a meaning and in the end, it did to me. I hope it does to you too if you read it. Sometimes the smallest of things can change everything.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A list of 9 things that bug me / a horror novels journey / Nine Lives

Nine things that bug me. I like the number 9 right now. Nine Lives is my first book so why not make a list of 9?

Some things really bug me about writing a novel. One of them has been the expectations of self published novels compared to ones that are not. Since writing my own book, I have become more and more critical of the books I read and the ones that are not self published. Self published novels are not getting any respect, which I understand because of things I have mentioned in my last post, but has anyone taken a look at the published books out there? I was just on a website (I won't mention names) that publishes debut authors. They don't accept self published novels because they say there are too many. Okay, I understand that. So, I look on this site because I want to know what I am up against. I want to know what my competition is.

I looked at the way each one of the books are being published. The cover is wrong, the sales pitch is wrong, they don't have a website or the story just isn't going to sell. It helped me feel good about my chances.

So here's a list of things that bug me about writing a book:

1. Books with no meaning: What's the point?
2. Books that try really hard to have a meaning: If it doesn't come to you naturally, don't force it.
3. Books with way too much detail: There's a story in there somewhere, I just haven't gotten to that part yet.
4. Depressing books: I want to feel good after I read a book.
5. Books with no imagination: Bring me to another place.
6. Books with no sense of humor: It's okay to not be so serious all the time.
7. Boring books that make the New York Times list: How?
8. Celebrity Books: Do I really care to read a book from a reality star telling me how to be a better husband from a person who is on marriage number four?
9. Cook books: This relates to #8. Again, do I believe that little miss reality star is a better cook than my wife or me when she does nothing but talk about her maid and eating out all the time?

So there it is, maybe I'll make some more after this one but for now,



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writing a horror novel can sometimes be a real thriller

I started off writing a horror story and ended up with a thriller. Maybe it was the other way around and I wrote a thriller and ended up with a horror story. Either way, I feel my book falls into both categories. I wanted the story to be scary but the more I got into the book, the more it started coming to life. I think thats one great thing about writing but here are a couple more:

Great stories actually have a meaning to them. I started off with a story about a cat and ended up writing about things that were inside my head. That sounds so simple doesn't it? I have talked to more people about books with this, "really neat ending." Well, that's great but was it a book you will remember or want to read again? Is it a book that will make you wonder? Is it a book that inspired you? I am not a fan of depressing books and although books with a neat catch to them may be fun, I am not going to be thinking about it once the surprise is over. I want a book that leaves me thinking. Something that has inspired me to be a better person.

Another thing I learned about writing is that a story can unfold in different ways. When I wrote Nine Lives, I had a plan. By the time I ended the book, it was completely different then what I imagined. Next blog I am going to tell you what happened with the organization. It was actually pretty cool I think.

Until next time,


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weird places

I get some of the best ideas for writing in some of the weirdest places. Does that happen to other writers? I suppose it does, I find my mind wandering in the funniest and most relaxing places. Lately, I have been taking a steam shower and letting my mind drift away. Maybe I am stuck, though that hasn't really happened to me just yet, and then suddenly an answer comes my way.
I have been writing some chapters of my new book and a couple of them weren't really going the way I had hoped. They just weren't capturing the moment or maybe they weren't exciting enough for me. So I hop in the shower and relax. Boom, it comes to me without even thinking about it. I run out, mark it down and later I look at it and say, "Wow, this is really awesome!"

Originally posted on: Feb. 2, 2012
Last night we had a transformer go boom in the night. The entire sky lit up with an orange glow. Someone in the house thought it might be the northern lights, which were supposed to be glowing in the sky according to the news. Another one of my kids figured it was aliens, its always those darn aliens causing things to happen.

This made me think of other things that go boom in the night. My son has been certain the house is haunted because he has been hearing all sorts of sounds late at night. The same son who thought the lights were aliens. I stayed up late one night to find this source of booming in the night and found the strange creature that was causing it. It's amazing what a hamster can do with a squeeky wheel.

My brother lives in my old house and has told me he hears strange noises in the night. When I asked him where it came from he told me the basement. Why is it all creepy things hang out in the basement? So, I had him visit the basement to find the source. I stayed on the phone in case the goblins got him. It was a squeeky wheel in the furnace.
Now my daughter tells me her bathroom is haunted by strange sounds at night. I haven't found the source yet but I am really curious about this one. It seems her toothbrush moves all by itself. I am keeping a close eye on that toothbrush and will keep you posted when I find the culrpit.
Don't get me wrong, I believe there are strange things that go boom in the night.

Originally posted on Jan. 26, 2012

Nine Lives update

Okay, so you're probably wondering, did George really write a book? Yes, I really did. It just takes time to get the thing published and I'm kind of a perfectionist, just ask my wife. I figure it should be available in about two to three months. I know it's a long time but its getting there. I've been asked by many of you to see a copy but the finished copy is going to be worth the wait.
If you haven't already, sign up on this website so I can notify you when the book is published. Trust me on this, the book is looking awesome.

Originally posted on: Jan. 19, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friday the 13th

Who says bad things happen on Friday th 13th? I think of myself as a supersticious type of person but I never have a bad day on Friday the 13th. In fact, I usually don't have a bad day on the 13th of any day as far as I know. I met my wife on the 13th and today quite a few good things happened. A full moon today too, how appropriate. Well, I'll leave the boring stuff for another post. The next book is coming along very good and thanks to my cover designer Andy Carpenter for the beautiful design of my book. He sent me a teaser today which I'll post soon.

Originally posted on: Jan 13, 2012

Merry christmas and a happy new year

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes come true and may it be fruitful for all of you out there.
Hey, not everything is scary! Just don't tell little Johnnie to look behind him. Remember, someone is always watching you, just hope and pray it isn't a giant snowman. Just like Don Henley said, "You can never look back." Trust me, 2011 wasn't that great but I am hoping for a promising 2012.
All the best,

Originally posted on: Dec. 21, 2011


Thanks to everyone for helping me promote my book. You have no idea how much it means to me and I hope to thank each and everyone of you. Karen, Matt, Robi, Charlotte, De (my wife), my Mom and everyone else who has forwarded my notices, thank you! No last names because I don't want to get into trouble (Ha Ha, all except for my Mom and De).
The photo above was at a U2 concert. I swear everyone had a great time. I guess it's just kool for kids not to smile. Yes, I spell kool with a K. I was born in the sixties. Peace.
The website traffic has really been picking up and hopefully by the time the book is available I can sell more than just a couple. Hey, I have to pay for the cover, which by the way looks fantastic! I am going to hold out on that until the new year. Until then, always George.

Originally posted on Dec. 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So what makes an idea? I was just talking with my Daughter about different ideas in my books and this picture came to mind. It's blurry but I like to call it an, "Action Photo." Seriously, this picture is my oldest son standing on top of a garage in an alley in Chicago. Now you may ask yourself, what is my son doing on top of a garage in the city? Well, he's being a boy of course, tossing things at squirrels, rats and people—Don’t worry, he had his rabies shot and he was defending himself against my Dad.
The thing is, he was being a boy. It’s what we laugh about when we’re older. It’s also something that inspires me to write. Watching them play like that reminds me of things I used to do as a kid and it brings ideas together. Everyone has a, “Remember when” story to tell. I just like to take them to another place is all.

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Some of the funniest stories are told at Thanksgiving. My brother now thinks his house is haunted because it was the original place of the, "Cat Incident." I assured him the house is not haunted by cats as far as I know though he is often visited by other critters during the season.
We had a good Thanksgiving dinner with awesome food and wine. The company was great as always and I was happy to have left overs this time around. Unfortunately I didn't get any extra slices of the apple cranberry pie, it was awesome!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cat tails

I've been asked about my ideas and where they come from. What is the book about and things like that. Most of them have come from experience but that doesnt make them real. Not in the physical sense anyways. I write fiction, meaning, it's make believe.
The idea of a cat having Nine Lives came to me years ago when a cat was stuck beneath our deck at home. After doing everything to coax the cat out an accident happened. I never told anyone what really happened to that cat and maybe it haunted me until I finally wrote about it. Looking back at the incident, I wondered what would happen if that cat came back to life. The answer is in the story, Nine Lives.

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Things are coming along better than I would have guessed. I am getting very close to submitting another version of Nine Lives. I can't believe the difference between my initial rough version and what the novel has now become. It's actually starting to look like a book! No word on the cover yet though its in progress. I'll keep you posted. Things are coming along great so far.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I thought it would be funny to name this one beginnings. I hardly started this project, being a year old not counting the actual conception. Today I finally figured out the blog after fiddling with a web creator. A frustrating process but I am determined to make this a success. I never realized being a writer meant multi tasking as a web designer. Anyways, here it is and now you can subscribe if you wish to keep updated.
On an even more positive note, I have received my editing notes for the novel Nine Lives and now the real process of completing the book begins. Thus, the name, beginnings. I’ll keep you informed as the editing moves along and hopefully have a draft ready to print by the early part of next year.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Blog Address

I am making the switch over to this blogger address. I thought it looked much better than the previous and it has better options for blogging purposes. Hey, if my daughter can do it, I can do it. By the way, happy birthday to Alicia :)

So, for the next couple weeks or so, I am going to be transferring some of my older posts on here. I'm sure there is a way to change the date on the blog but I haven't been able to find that just yet. In other words, when I post my holiday post with the huge snowman and the little boy, it may seem like a funny time of year. This is especially true since we have absolutely no snow this year.

Speaking of weather, it looks like spring time outside right now. I'm heading out, right after I sing my daughter her birthday song.

Book number two is nearly finished in the rough draft. It's better than I could have imagined. Why is it that books do that? I start out with a thought and the book takes these turns I never would have thought of but somehow they manage to find their ways into my books.

Which brings up my next thought before I leave. In the coming posts, I really want to keep a journal of some type on writing a book. Yea, Stephen King did that with the book he wrote but why not while I am actually writing as a debut author? Until then....


Friday, February 3, 2012

Nine Lives

I started writing Nine Lives back in October of 2010. I found that once I actually took my writing serious it took me about three months to write. The actual concept came to me about fifteen years ago. I was told by some people the idea wasn’t very original but the last time I checked, no one else has written or made a movie about it. This is my version of a cat with Nine Lives and once I started writing it, I found it to be more complex than just a cat. I found a book starts to take a life of its own. Hopefully, if you get the chance to read the book, you can send me your comments about it.
Today was a big day for a couple of reasons. I submitted the manuscript  for editing and hope to get the book published by early 2012. I’m excited about it after a year of working on the book and dreaming of it for at least fifteen years!
So I started thinking, if I am going to be serious about writing, I had better start a web page. I think of this as a way to communicate to you, the reader, in an informal way of what’s happening with my books and why I decided to write them. It’s going to take some time to work out the kinks and change this web page the way it should be but hopefully it will grow the way you the reader would like it. After all, this is for you and thats the real reason I wrote this book and the others I am working on. I want your feedback because there's plenty more built up inside me.

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