Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Bartello

The Bartello is completely finished. I am very satisfied with the way it turned out. I am in the process of finding an agent and hopefully getting the novel published. Until then, I decided to post some excerpts from the novel and tell you a little about the story. Hopefully, I can wet your appetite.

The story is about an old movie theater. I was originally inspired by an old theater I saw in upper Minnesota that was either being torn down or remodeled; I don't really remember which. I imagined a monster living inside and some kids exploring it. This was the image I had about fifteen years ago. When I actually sat down to write the story, it started becoming something else.

There is a monster that lives in the movie theater. That part didn't change. What did change was the story itself. I started going back in time to places when I was a kid. The picture on this post was an old movie theater close to where I grew up. That's exactly how I remember movie theaters and that's the way the theater is in The Bartello. They don't make places like that anymore. I also remember fear when I was a kid. I was afraid of the boogeyman but when I grew up, things changed and the boogeyman thankfully disappeared. Now that I am older, I no longer fear the boogeyman but I am afraid of other things; isn't everyone? I am not going to give you a full blown synopsis here—I'll leave the story telling to my novels. Here is a very brief look into The Bartello.

After hitting the winning home run off the neighborhood bully, CHRIS MARTIN learns there are consequences in life. Kissed by a pretty girl on the team, his life has never been the same. The local bully wants to beat him up. His friends are tormented by the bully’s gang and look to him for help. If that wasn’t enough, a monster lurks in their town killing people who visit the local movie theater and Chris is the only witness. The Bartello is a different type of horror novel. It will transport the reader to another place and time when love conquered everything. Chris Martin begins a surreal journey battling forces of evil to vanquish the fears that have tormented his friends and himself. Searching for an answer to an age-old question if love lasts forever; he will be tested by his friends, lovers, and enemies.

Next time, I'll post the first page of the story.

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