Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help me find Waldo

Where in the world is Waldo? That's what I am asking you. Help me find the Waldo's in my book.

Editing a novel is very time consuming. Especially when I am trying to write another book amongst other important things like my family. I admit, my novel needed editing and I think the editors did a great job of presenting a wonderful book I really think you're going to enjoy. I had quite a few grammatical errors but many of them were simple commas missing here and there. So, during the editing process my eyes starting going bug-eye. I went over every single one but it took a very long time. Then there was more editing. Yes, it was polished up with another round of editing.

So heres the problem. During the editing process, some of the sentences were changed slightly. It's my mistake for not noticing them but now there are some small errors in the book. Things like "He it got..." when it should have read "He got it..."

So what do I need you to do? Well, it would help if you read my book first. Ha ha ha. Okay, easy, go to or Barnes and Nobel and buy the book. Have it? Great! Now start reading. If you find any mistakes? Send me a note that says something like this, "Hey George? I found a Waldo!" then tell me where it is and I'll send you a nice little thank you. Sound good? Great!

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