Monday, February 27, 2012

Writing my novel Nine Lives

The very first chapter of Nine Lives was a woman running through the woods. That was the first time I actually sat down and started writing a novel. I liked it but it wasn't where I wanted to go. So I started writing more about the history of the cat. It still wasn't where I wanted to go. Don't laugh.

So I sat down and started to write and the book started to take shape. It became alive, it went where it wanted to go, not where I wanted to go. I started to laugh. Okay, now you can laugh.

When I finished with the book I liked it but looking back it was still missing something. I read it over and over trying to edit the thing myself. I wanted the book perfect but it was missing something. I actually changed the way the book was laid out and guess what? It turned into a page turning thriller! I'm not kidding. I moved whole chapters and deleted some and even still I was still missing something.

The first chapter of my book was the last one that I wrote. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that but I found that very interesting. I wanted my book to have a meaning and in the end, it did to me. I hope it does to you too if you read it. Sometimes the smallest of things can change everything.

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