Monday, February 20, 2012

A list of 9 things that bug me / a horror novels journey / Nine Lives

Nine things that bug me. I like the number 9 right now. Nine Lives is my first book so why not make a list of 9?

Some things really bug me about writing a novel. One of them has been the expectations of self published novels compared to ones that are not. Since writing my own book, I have become more and more critical of the books I read and the ones that are not self published. Self published novels are not getting any respect, which I understand because of things I have mentioned in my last post, but has anyone taken a look at the published books out there? I was just on a website (I won't mention names) that publishes debut authors. They don't accept self published novels because they say there are too many. Okay, I understand that. So, I look on this site because I want to know what I am up against. I want to know what my competition is.

I looked at the way each one of the books are being published. The cover is wrong, the sales pitch is wrong, they don't have a website or the story just isn't going to sell. It helped me feel good about my chances.

So here's a list of things that bug me about writing a book:

1. Books with no meaning: What's the point?
2. Books that try really hard to have a meaning: If it doesn't come to you naturally, don't force it.
3. Books with way too much detail: There's a story in there somewhere, I just haven't gotten to that part yet.
4. Depressing books: I want to feel good after I read a book.
5. Books with no imagination: Bring me to another place.
6. Books with no sense of humor: It's okay to not be so serious all the time.
7. Boring books that make the New York Times list: How?
8. Celebrity Books: Do I really care to read a book from a reality star telling me how to be a better husband from a person who is on marriage number four?
9. Cook books: This relates to #8. Again, do I believe that little miss reality star is a better cook than my wife or me when she does nothing but talk about her maid and eating out all the time?

So there it is, maybe I'll make some more after this one but for now,



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  1. Regarding #7...always wondered about that myself. But then, book editors, like art/movie critics...don't write. Who grows up and says...I want to tell other people how good their work is without actually doing any of that work myself....hmm!!!